26–28 Feb 2018  |  Berlin  |  Germany

Breaking new ground for sustainable management of soil functions along the frontiers of soil ecosystem research

Soil as a Sustainable Resource

“Science meets Practice – Knowledge needs to implement a sustainable bioeconomy” – BonaRes2018 Conference

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 2018: 15:00–17:00 | [Flyer]

How does scientific research support decision making in practice? The theme of the BonaRes 2018 conference is “Breaking new ground for sustainable management of soil functions along the frontiers of soil ecosystem research”. Such groundbreaking requires science based evidence in as much as action by practitioners in farming, policy and planning. The ambition of the research programme “BonaRes - Soil as a sustainable resource for the Bioeconomy” is to essentially expand and provide the required knowledge about the functionality of soils, and to formulate reliable options for action.

The BonaRes Conference brings together researchers from various disciplines of soil science. They share latest research on the functionality of soil ecosystems and the assessment and governance of soil management options. But what does this actually mean for farmers, industry, regulation and policy makers? What are the knowledge demands from policy and practice perspectives? How can knowledge supply and knowledge demand best be aligned?

In this “Science meets Practice” special session, scientists engage in a dialogue with distinguished representatives of target users of scientific research: entrepreneurs on smart and digital farming, administrators on soil status and soil monitoring and policy makers in the soils and sustainable development arena.

The facilitated discussions will introduce the knowledge requirements and demands of the different user groups to develop strategies towards soil management in a sustainable bioeconomy. As scientist, you will meet the stakeholders of your research. They will meet on stage renowned scientists to address questions such as:

• Which knowledge is needed to foster ground breaking progress?

• How to channel scientific contributions into practice for sustainable soil management?

• Which soil processes or services are most relevant for stakeholders in specific contexts?

All conference participants are invited to get engaged in the discussion. Already before the session, everybody can note a comment or question to be picked in the discussion by the moderators.

Session outline

Perspectives from Practice (10 minute talks)

Martin Schneider | Agricon: Smart and digital farming – the future of farming

Rainer Baritz | European Environment Agency (EEA): Soils and SDGs – What knowledge is needed for policy making?

Frank Glante | German Environment Agency (UBA): Soil monitoring and soil status – what do regulators need to know about soils?

Perspectives from Science (5 minute pitches)

Kate Scow | University of Davis USA

Robin Gebbers | Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Sustainability, Germany

Gudrun Schwilch | Centre for Development & Environment, University Bern, Switzerland

Nicolas Brüggemann | FZ Jülich, Germany

Open dialogue

• In the panel discussion, the perspectives from Practice and Science meet to discuss together and engage with the audience.

• Moderators – Katharina Helming | ZALF and Stephan Bartke | UFZ – facilitate the dialogue by picking up collated comments from the conference participants.


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